Every business in time will find itself in the middle of a major transformation project at some point, regardless of whether it is a business sale or acquisition, achieving an aggressive efficiency target or improving your productivity through restructuring; these changes put immense strain on your resources.  During these times of change, bringing in a safe pair of hands to help guide you will not only provide a wealth of experience gained through helping other businesses conquer similar challenges, but can help expedite the delivery.

I have spent my career providing lasting change and ensuring that I brought net benefit to every business I have worked with.  Based on my experience, I am confident that I can help you achieve your objectives.  With my assistance guiding you on your journey, you face less risk to your day to day operations and are provided with more tangible benefits by ensuring a successful completion date.

Core Specialities

Business Divestment

Planning and delivering the complete or partial divestment of your business from an IT perspective is one of the most significant, detailed and financial risks in your business’ sale. Equally, this is one of the most stressful and difficult times for key staff.

Stability and solidarity will be some of the most important traits you can show your people to help retain them. You will likely need to bring in additional resources from outside your business to help shape and manage the details of the divestment, so that you are free to use your best management to lead your teams through this unsettling time.

With years of experience leading several IT divestments, Buddy Willard can help explain the process, quickly identify and help avoid potential pitfalls, design the transferring team structure and ensure your IT transition runs smoothly.

Multi-national divestment

Company Profile: IT equipment, service and software business, with 6500+ employees, €2 billion revenues, 40+ legal entities, operating in 13 countries with a partially centralised 200+ strong multi-national IT department.

Task: Own, manage, deliver and accountable for the IT divestment of each business entity by country for the parent company. Transition to numerous buyers including competitors, management buyouts, new sectors and closures. Responsible for but not limited to facilitation of contract discussions, liaising with global corporate offices, creating migration plan, leading migration activities and reinvigorating and ensuring maximum delivery from diminishing teams.

Results: All units disposed of within 18 months of initiation, under budget and one year ahead of schedule.

Reverse carve-out

Company Profile: Regulated and non-regulated water utility business, with 3500+ employees, £500 million revenues, 25+ legal entities, operating in 5 countries with a centralised 200+ strong multi-national IT department.

Task: Design, structure and facilitate the partial divestment of the regulated entity to a third party fund manager. Include IT department design, recruitment, service provider migration and creation of the divesting entity, as well as all activities necessary to reverse carve-out the future retained entity. Ensure both entities are self-sufficient with limited cost increase and nominal service disruption.

Results: Both entities were stable, self-sufficient and had very minimal staff attrition during the retained 6 month period after completion.

Mergers & Acquisitions

To ensure a successful merger or acquisition, it will be necessary to complete several integration steps including redesigning the department, creating and delivering an integration roadmap and migrating the services provided.

These M&A activities distract your leadership team from running your business at a time where your best talent are likely to be actively looking for new roles for self-preservation. Buddy Willard can work with your new leadership team to help design the future landscape, neutrally interview the candidates for your new roles, help plan the integration activities to reduce talent attrition, and help plan and provide processes and methodologies to prioritise the imminent service migrations.

Entity acquisition

Company Profile: Water Utilities, carved out non-regulated service provider, with 200+ employees, £100 million revenues, operating in 3 countries with a centralised 200+ strong group IT department.

Task: Own, sponsor and ensure successful delivery of the complete IT transition including, due diligence, pricing, design, build and migration from the current owner to the purchaser with no disruption of services to the end customer.

Results: Complete migration of business occurred on schedule including transitioning the entire IT service portfolio with no disruption to services including billing on time and within budget.

Buy-out acquisition

Company Profile: Financial Services, subprime mortgage lender, with 300+ employees, originating c.£100million new loans monthly, introduced through the Loan Packager Networks, operating in 3 countries with a distributed 80+ strong outsourced multi-supplier IT department.

Task: Design, build and deliver the IT service transition post joint venture buyout with no disruption to current or planned services.

Results: Measurably improved productivity, pricing and service delivery within six months of transition with no contractual issues or service disruption after trigger.

Efficiency Plans

All businesses eventually come to a point when they are forced to re-evaluate their team structures and costs to provide services. This could be due to a number of reasons, for example, extended organic growth, aggressive acquisitions or complacency. In the IT arena, these efficiency targets usually focus on either fully or partially centralising a federated IT department, creation of shared service centres or restructuring the current environment.

Having seen, transitioned and led a plethora of IT departments, Buddy can help you design, plan, and migrate your existing department to meet your efficiency targets while identifying and helping you avoid potential pit falls along the way.

Reduce penalties and improve service levels

Company Profile: Holding company supplying regulated and non-regulated water utility businesses with shared service functions, having 400+ employees, operating from a central location with a 180+ strong IT department.

Task: Significantly improve service delivery to ensure future contractual SLA breaches do not incur penalty charges and instil a sense of pride and accountability in the leadership team.

Results: Achieved contractual SLA performance for the first time in the company’s history. Reduced running penalty charges of £150k per month to £0. Empowered team and instilled department level accountability.


Are you concerned that your IT department is not meeting your business needs? Is your IT team complaining about over work, poor morale or is the IT service impaired? Do you need someone to complete a detailed assessment to help identify or verify troubled areas and provide potential solutions?

Breathing new life into an ageing IT department does not have to be destabilising. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to lend a hand.

Having walked a mile in the shoes of most IT leadership roles within several industry sectors, Buddy fully understands their concerns. Based on his extensive background, Buddy is able to share new insights and help your teams find innovative ways to get the best from their employees.

Instil leadership accountability

Company Profile: B2B insurance provider providing high risk origination protection, with 19 employees, £2 million revenues, operating in three countries with a centralised eight contractor led IT department.

Task: Evaluate, build business case and migrate existing contractor led outsourced IT department with several single points of failure to cheaper, larger and competitively priced offshore service provider to enable ambitious growth target of 25 fold.

Results: Re-organised and refocused an under-performing IT department. Developed a new vision and team structure, recruited new talent, consolidated reporting lines, initiated the outsourcing of services and “sold and demonstrated” the value of IT to the business. Significantly reduced employee turnover and enabled the business to exceed its growth target to achieve a phenomenal 52 fold growth in two years (£2 million to £105 million) with no additional full time staff.

Improve customer service

Company Profile: IT equipment, service and software business, with 6500+ employees, €2 billion revenues, 40+ legal entities, operating in 13 countries with a partially centralised 200+ strong multi-national IT department.

Task: Measurably improve the perceived service, pricing and support provided by the centralised IT organisation to the enterprise.

Results: Centralised the ownership of IT requests, created and appointed business account managers to the individual business boards, and ensured ownership and accountability for each individual programme at an executive level. Reduced incomplete projects by 62%, facilitated pan-European solutions and regained the businesses’ trust in IT’s capabilities.

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