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Whether this is your first attempt at outsourcing or you’ve lost count of the number of times you have done it, there are occasions when an outside perspective is helpful. Buddy Willard can assist you by using his knowledge gained from successfully implementing more than 20 outsourcing arrangements.

He has experience in designing and leading the transition of individual services as well as whole shared service BPO activities, using both single and multi-sourced service providers (onshore, offshore and near shore). There by enabling you to remain focused on the thing that counts – managing your operations. He is well-versed in helping businesses achieve their outsourcing objectives.

Your business operations need to come first and Buddy understands that you need to put either your operations or the outsourcing project in the hands of someone you can trust during the transition. Someone who does not have a vested interest in the future supplier but fully focused on your business’ long term success.

Buddy can help you achieve results, from initial planning, procurement and implementation, to stabilising and completing a lessons learned process, at a pace agreed with you.

In the unfortunate event that the outsourcing relationship has soured to the point of requiring a mediator, Buddy is able to competently offer a neutral third party perspective that is more likely to achieve mutually satisfactory results.

Core Specialities

  • Vendor arbitration / Dispute resolution
  • Outsourcing / Captive design (onshore, offshore, near-shore)
  • Contract reviews and consulting (fixed price vs. time and material)
  • Creating an achievable migration plan with limited service disruption
  • Independent oversight of the service migration

Case Studies

Initial outsourcing arrangement

Company Profile: Holding company supplying regulated and non-regulated water utility businesses with shared service functions, having 400+ employees, operating from a central location with a 180+ strong IT department.

Task: Improve SLA/OLA delivery capability without increasing operating cost. Provide an IT platform with virtually unlimited resources to meet unknown future business demand. Ensure future delivery model is capable of managing the contractual service levels agreed with the customers and any risk in meeting service levels are mitigated. If the identified solution involves an outsourcing solution, then the OJEU procurement process must be followed.

Results: Outsourced current staff of 136+ to outsourced service provider, retained 19 full time employees to ensure ownership and accountability. Transition was completed 3 months from contract signature, achieved 32% Opex and 36% Capex reduction whilst improving documented SLA by 56% with penalties directly flowing to the supplier, all within 9 months of stabilisation. Solution delivered over £25m benefit to the group’s bottom line with no FX risk.

Improve outsourcing performance

Company Profile: Financial Services, subprime mortgage lender, with 300+ employees, originating c.£100million new loans monthly, introduced through the Loan Packager Networks, operating in 3 countries with a distributed 80+ strong outsourced multi-supplier IT department.

Task: Eliminate service disruptions and improve current suppliers’ service delivery without increasing support costs..

Results: Conducted workout sessions with high priority suppliers to identify and document all issues from both sides, created and prioritised issues log, ensured improved operating stability, and focused and tracked delivery leading to a 33% service level increase.  Vastly improved supplier relationships and improved customer satisfaction which generated a 5% increase in new business bringing service availability to over 99%

Migrate outsourcing provider

Company Profile: B2B insurance provider providing high risk origination protection, with 19 employees, £2 million revenues, operating in three countries with a centralised eight contractor led IT department with significant potential for growth.

Task: Design and build an IT department with a headcount cap of 13 capable of delivering 25 fold growth to existing business. Meet corporate outsourcing mandate of 70/70/70 (% resources outsourced/% off shore /% fixed price bids) using approved partner list. Ensure service provider already has capacity to achieve the growth targets.

Results: Transitioned current providers to corporate approved suppliers. Instilled a department culture of healthy competition which challenged current mind-sets and adjusted staff goals to deliver the necessary change in leadership values. Created a structure with supplier to achieve competitive rates and delivery times that were challenged by both parties. Resulting in a year by year reduction in costs by £2mpa, increasing work capacity by 25%, and enabling staff to focus on strategy and growing their management skills versus day to day operations at a reduced day rate from previous supplier.

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