Achieving successful and lasting change is a complex task and can be time consuming and costly to your business if done wrong. Complications associated to major change, without accounting for the impacts along the chain, can severely cost the business both culturally and financially.

There are occasions when businesses can benefit from an unbiased outsider’s perspective.  It is nearly impossible to be impartial when planning, designing and deploying transformational programmes that affect many of your employees and customers without external assistance.

The skills necessary to deliver the change are not likely to be those that it permanently needs.

By providing independent assessments to give you transparency, followed by consultancy and interim services that are designed specifically around your business needs, Willard Enterprises can help your business understand and achieve its vision by using a time tested approach which has proved successful in numerous occasions.

Available Assistance

Typical engagements can begin with a workshop with top management in order to understand the needs of the business and the objective of the change. A pre-assessment review is provided following the workshop.

This can then be followed by a one month independent review and assessment of your business’ back office processes and capabilities.  This assessment provides you with a general health check and provides a high level process review, which can help pinpoint areas that would benefit from transformational improvement programmes, contributing to your long term plans.  After this, there are a number of options available to you:

Go Your Own Way

This is your business and using the analysis provided, you may decide to seek solutions of your own.

Deep Dive Analysis

Geared towards streamlining process inefficiencies, designing solutions to automate or simplify processes or help redesign and restructure departments and back office functions. The goal: to vastly improve productivity and drive down operational costs.

Consultancy Services

Traditionally this service is appropriate for transformation programmes within a business that are likely to repeat and when the key talent that will be dedicated to lead these initiatives have already have identified.  In the event that these resources do not have all the necessary skills, we can guide and train your chosen team members in specific areas to help them gain the necessary skills.  Thereby helping to ensure that these key talents can confidently deliver the continuous improvement and transformation programmes as and when necessary within your business.

Interim Services

When a business has a complex project that needs to be driven forward, it may benefit from appointing an interim leader solely dedicated to the delivery of the transformation programme.  We can help by providing you with the appropriate resources that focus on delivering your complex programme.  These experts have years of experience gained through delivering major business initiatives.  Programmes, such as divestments, carve-outs and creation of shared services environments, regularly achieve better results when they utilise interim expertise to fully focus on the task at hand.

While not an exhaustive list, please click on the buttons below for examples of some of the specific specialties, relevant case studies and explanations of where we can quickly step in and provide expertise.

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